The main objectives of the project are “to help explain, implement and develop the CAP and to raise public awareness of its content and objectives, to inform farmers and other parties active in rural areas and to promote the European model of agriculture, as well as to help citizens understand it”.

DOC SERVIZI has decided to focus the project on music events and cartoon/comics, because:

  • music events are able to attract a large mass of young people and young adults, all over Italy and in particular living in the urban area;


The project aims to:

– Communicate the CAP in an innovative and engaging way, through artistic and musical events;

– Explain to a wider audience the benefits of the CAP for European citizens;

– Spread the CAP to young people (15-29 years old) and young adults (30-39 years old), especially in urban areas, using great musical events (such as concerts and festivals);

– Spread the CAP to children in schools (up to 14 years old), especially in big and medium-sized cities, using artistic videos and educational tools to communicate the CAP activities;

– Spread CAP to students, especially those living in urban areas:

– Spread the CAP to small and medium farmers.



  1. Climate change (in particular, on the measures adopted by the CAP to face them);
  2. Food security (in order to explain what CAP does in the food security protection);
  3. The rural environmental (in order to explain the protection of the rural environment and the importance of a fair reward for farmers);
  4. The most valuable resource (to explain the importance of WATER);
  5. The importance of a healthy diet (with particular reference to the consumption of milk, vegetables and fruit; also in schools);
  6. The 4 F of Agriculture: Food, Feed, Fibre and Fuel.



  1. 6 videos of sand art for young people and young adults
  2. 6 comics will be extracted from video made by the artist Nadia Ischia
  3. 6 video of sand art for pupils and stidents, mafe by artist Mauro masi, each video explains a different topic identified by the project
  4. 6 comics will be extracted from video made by the artist Mauro Masi
  5. 6 different videos of sand art as educational tools for pupipils and young students are explaining a different topic identified by the project.
  6. 1000 booklets with 12 comics created from cartoos
  7. 5000 postcard with images from comics
  8. 1000 dvd with video – cartoon

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