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Office of feature films of 2018 will be:

Augustinian Cloister – Monday, July 16 at 21.00

COCO by Lee Unkrich and Adrian Molina
USA, 2017
105 minutes
Miguel has twelve years and his biggest passion is to become a musician, but his
family does not like the music and pretend that the boy works in the home shoe factory. But
the passion is stronger than family obligations and achieve her dream Miguel will arrive in
world of the dead, where you will discover the history of his ancestors and of his idol Ernesto de la Cruz,
Héctor company, a well-informed on the skeleton Dynasty boy ...
Mexico and the popular "cult of the dead" are the focus of the new, colorful and imaginative films
produced by Pixar studios awarded with the Oscar for best animated feature and
Best Original Song.





Piazza Cavour – Wednesday, July 18 at 21.00

CAT CINDERELLA Alessandro Rak, Ivan Cappiello, Guarnieri Marino and Dario Samson
Italy, 2017
88 minutes
Inspired by the fairy tale "The cats Cinderella" by Gianfranco Basile and the opera play by Roberto de
Simone, "Cat Cinderella" is set aboard a large technologically advanced ship
turned into a sleazy club with adjoining brothel run by "O King," a money-no
scruples, shady drug dealer. On the ship lives Mia, daughter of Victor Basile, creator
boat, destined originally to become a digital archive. Mia does not speak because
the shock suffered by the violent death of the father of "O King," he eagerly awaits
eighteenth birthday girl, testamentary heir of the ship, to take control
the boat completely.











Castel Sismondo – Saturday, July 21 at 21.00

THE ISLE OF DOGS (Isle of Dogs)
In Wes Anderson
USA, 2018
101 minutes
Produzione: American Empirical Pictures, Indian Paintbrush, Scott Rudin Productions
Back to stop-motion after "Fantastic Mr. Fox", the brilliant director Wes Anderson formerly of "The
Royal Tenenbaums "and" The Grand Budapest Hotel ": Japan in 2038 has banned the dogs isolated on
an island where discharge waste, because they are considered carriers of diseases. Despite the possibility
to create an antidote, the mayor of the city of Kobayashi Megasaki does not intend to bring back the
quadrupeds in the "civilized world" until such time as his adopted grandson goes island
He is forbidden to regain her beloved Spots four paws, the first to be exiled
publicly on the island. Here you will find the canine community of survivors led by grumpy
Chief, committed to finding Spots and to seek a solution to resume his place in








THE BREADWINNER – Saturday 21 – ore 21,00 – Cinema Flash
INPUT € 5.00

Under the burca

Nora Twoomey

Canada, Luxembourg, Ireland, 2017 (94 ')

Prod. Cartoon Saloon, Guru Studio, Irish Film Board, Telefilm Canada

The Breadwinner is an animated film of rare beauty, which tells how courage, strength, perseverance and determination are essential part of a woman's life at any age.

It is a film made with traditional technique and tells a powerful story and adult it conveys painful and current concepts on the situation in Afghanistan under Taliban control, putting the spotlight on women's issues, and those who do not bend to a material tyranny, intellectual, moral , which deprives the individual of the primary rights.

Ma “The Breadwinner” is not only a reflection of a painful reality, the work communicates universal concepts of freedom and courage, and it is also a cry of hope, a reminder to never give up, as our protagonist Parvana.

Siamo a Kabul nel 2001, in Afghanistan, durante il dominio dei talebani, la città è presidiata e alle donne non è consentito uscire di casa se non accompagnate da un uomo. La protagonista è una ragazza undicenne di nome Parvana: suo padre è un ex professore di storia che, dopo il bombardamento della sua scuola, lavora al mercato locale leggendo lettere a coloro che non sanno leggere. Un giorno viene arrestato con l’accusa di avere un’educazione straniera e così la famiglia (una moglie e tre figlie) rimane senza sostegno economico. A qualche giorno dall’arresto, spinta dalla necessità di provvedere alla propria famiglia, Parvana si taglia i capelli e comincia a indossare gli abiti del fratello defunto Sulayman per fingersi un ragazzo in modo da poter lavorare: la parola che dà il titolo al film, “breadwinner”, It means precisely “man or woman who procures the bread for the family”.

Co-written the novel by the Canadian author Deborah Ellis and published in Italy under the title 'The Breadwinner', the book comes from interviews conducted by Ellis in a Pakistani refugee camp to some Afghan refugees.

This is the first book of the so-called “Parvana of trilogy”, dal nome della protagonista. L’adattamento cinematografico è stato scritto dalla stessa Deborah Ellis in collaborazione con la sceneggiatrice e scrittrice canadese Anita Doron. Il film restituisce, tramite immagini vivide, ciò che ha rappresentato la brutale invasione talebana per il popolo afghano, in una messa in scena molto accurata e realizzata con dovizia di dettagli ma, è soprattutto una esortazione per le donne che subiscono violenze e deprivazioni a combattere contro la brutalità degli uomini e le svariate forme nelle quali si manifesta.
Fortemente voluto da Angelina Jolie, che l’ha prodotto assieme ai creatori di “The Secret of Kells” e “Song of Sea”, lo studio d’animazione irlandese Cartoon Saloon,

The Breadwinner It is a film that stands out sharply from the themes of the two previous works. At tales of Irish folklore, replacing in this case a narrative that denounces the condition of women in Afghanistan, the difficulties of growing up under such a system and the daily struggles that a family like many must make in order to survive and can not keep still alive the viewer's attention that can not help but be troubled by the violence of some images and the general situation of oppression in which they move our protagonists.

The film has won numerous awards around the world and was probationer at the Oscars in 2018 for best animated feature film.



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