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Masterclass in Character Animation con Marco Regina – Lead Animator in Dreamworks – The Angels –

The masterclass will be held in Italian language and will consist of two days with 9-13 hours each and will address the following program:


– Construction of a character (psychology, personality and its contradictions)
– Subtext of a character / scene / sequence / story
– Role of the animator for an animated film
– Core elements of a scene, several ways to set up and animate a scene
– How to interpret the reference, key aspects of dialogue and of acting
– As part ofInternational animation ell'industria, Pipeline of an animation studio

The Masterclass is reserved for a maximum of 20 participants and is addressed to: entertainers of all levels both traditional and 3D, professionals and students from schools of comics and animation, story artists, illustrators, character designers, cartoonists, artists storyboard, writers, directors and producers.

The cost of the Masterclass is € 200 per person.
For info and reservations: @ organization cartoonclub.it
The stake must be paid by July 17 by bank transfer on CC payable to:

ACLI Art and Entertainment Province of Rimini
Via Circ.ne Occ.le 58
47923 Rimini
C.F. 91081380403

the C / C 26-003997829
IT 11 D 08995 24213 026003997829
Reason: Masterclass Dreamworks

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COURSE comics 2017

20 | 21 | 22 | 23 July

From 15 to 17

building Roma – Via Giulietta Masina, 1 adjacent Piazzale Fellini – Marina Center – Rimini

You can learn the profession comics in four days?

No, but you can try ... By Laura Scarpa (author, illustrator, writer and editor ComicOut), in Riminicomix, even this summer “fumetta”!! It will start from the figure in space, to frame it and give life to your character a short adventure.

Anatomy, perspective, the art of woodworking, construction of houses and buildings… to make comic books, you also become tailors and hairdressers, actors and directors… Yes, the comic is all this but it is mostly up stories in pictures, with a marker and what you want, from china to collage, to razors, cartoon art has no limits! The enrollment at a cost of € 25 per person. They are available for the course only 30 seats! To register please send an e-mail to corsofumetto@cartoonclub.it indicando Nome, Cognome, data di nascita, numero di cellulare o numero di telefono fisso (per gli iscritti minorenni i riferimenti dovranno essere quelli di un genitore o di chi ne fa le veci). La quota d’iscrizione potrà essere saldata all’ingresso della prima lezione.



Monday, 17 – Tuesday, 18 – Wednesday, July 19

Author: Vincenzo Gioanola

The workshop is a unique opportunity to learn about what happens behind the scenes of animation, one of the most spectacular and creative genres, discovering the secrets of how a film is made through a special technique, which draws inspiration from 'work of Norman McLaren: the straightforward design of 35 mm film.

It will use the direct drawing technique on transparent film and fotogrammata 35 mm. With this technique, you can get amazing results with simple equipment and in a manner very fast. The participants receive a photocopy of the films on which will make the drawings that will be copied in a second time on 35 mm film. They will draw different lengths of 1 second (25 frames) for the creation of cyclic movements, such as in the ancient zoetropes.

The materials produced by the participants will be mounted, sonorizzati as the sole collective film, and then projected to the streets last evening of the festival.


Vincenzo Gioanola is graphic designer, illustrator and animator: one of the most representative figures of Italian and European animation.

L’opera di Vincenzo Gioanola nasce sotto l’influenza di Norman McLaren ed è sempre stata all’insegna di un coloratissimo e divertentissimo caleidoscopio animato. Ha studiato all’Accademia di Belle Arti di Torino. Insegna animazione in scuole pubbliche e private, tra cui la Scuola Nazionale di Cinema a Chieri (Torino) e L’Istituto Europeo di Design, e tiene corsi di aggiornamento per insegnanti e workshop in tutta Italia. Lavora come illustratore e grafico.

His films, Boogie and Blues Garybaldy won the award for the best super 8 in the first edition of the International Festival of Young Cinema of Turin, while Fight de Faida has won the first prize for best short film at the 1994 edition of the same festival .



Laboratory of animated films in primary schools

An educational project by the Voluntary Associations, with the support of the service center for the voluntary Volontarimini the province of Rimini and in collaboration with Cartoon Club.

Cartoon Club is pleased to also file in its XXXIII edition "Animated Cartoons of solidarity": a workshop aimed at children in primary schools in the province, now in its eighth edition. As experienced in previous years, some local voluntary associations come into the classroom to tell their story and their commitment, following the young students are stimulated, thanks to an animated drawing expert, the creation of cartoons describing the themes and activities of the volunteers.

Ogni classe ha così l’opportunità di produrre un’animazione (scegliendo la tecnica preferita: disegno, Cut out, plastilina, Puppets ecc…), inventando la storia e costruendola dallo Story Board fino alla fase delle riprese. In conclusione, gli alunni producono dei cortometraggi che racchiudono importanti messaggi di solidarietà e rispetto che permettono loro di sviluppare, interpretare, rielaborare in maniera creativa gli argomenti presentati, dando vita e movimento alle loro idee e nello stesso tempo imparando a conoscere le tecniche del cinema d’animazione.

The animated film is used as a teaching mediator, an instrument that can stimulate the curiosity of children who become protagonists ideation and construction of their small films. The young authors working in groups both in the elaboration of the information received by the volunteers in both the construction of a product through the cartoons. The expert and teachers as facilitators, provide some information or technical advice, but do not interfere in the development of history and the work that is edited entirely by children.

At the conclusion of the project the papers are collected in a DVD and delivered to each participant.
The films are screened during the festival on the big screen at the Novelli Theater in Rimini, during the evening of 17 July.

Here is the link to films made for the edition 2017. Clik here




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