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Three nights in the name of fairy magic, the glittering Rose and dreams of princes and princesses!
WHEN: June 30 / July 2, 2016
WHAT: Three nights on a family scale, three high-impact content totally free and can be enjoyed freely by the family target

Three nights in the name of fairy magic, the glittering Rose and dreams of princes and princesses. Three family-friendly evenings with the magic Winx fairies who will be the undisputed protagonists of the castle, heroines of the animated series "Winx Club" - along with the brave and adventurous Mia, star of liveaction fantasy "Mia & myself". New for 2016: "Regal Academy", a special school whose teachers are the heroes of fairy tales and where teen Rose (grandson of Cinderella) lives his fantastic adventures.

Thursday, June 30
My & me

from 18.30 to 20.30 Creative workshops, make-up magic
20.30 projections with Mia & me

Friday, July 1
Regal Academy

from 18.30 to 20.30 Creative workshops, make-up magic
21.30 Grand Ballet, a dance in costume worthy of princes and princesses

Saturday, July 2
Winx Club

from 18.30 to 20.30 Creative workshops, make-up magic
ore 21.30 Winx Club Pink Night Dream: spettacolo live esclusivo con le Winx!

RupanSansei vs. Meitantei Conan
Lupin III vs. Detective Conan

rupinIn collaboration with Boeing and Italy 1, Cartoon Club presents a preview of national television special animated "RupanSansei vs Meitantei Conan" in Italian translated as, "Lupin III vs. Detective Conan. "
Lasting about two hours, the television special was aired for the first time in Japan March 27, 2009, but is still unpublished in Italy.

Lo special televisivo non deve essere confuso con “Lupin III VS. Detective Conan: The Movie”, questo il titolo in italiano, film nato dal sequel televisivo che ha visto due proiezioni in lingua originale con i sottotitoli in italiano nell’ambito della rassegna di cinema giapponese Wa! Japan Film Festival: la prima volta al cinema Odeon di Firenze l’11 maggio e la seconda al cinema Apollo di Milano il 14 maggio. Il film è stato poi distribuito in un numero limitato di sale dalla Lucky Red, doppiato in italiano, il 10 e l’11 febbraio 2015.

Lo special televisivo “RupanSansei vs Meitantei Conan”, la cui lavorazione è durata due anni, rende omaggio ai cinquantacinque anni di NipponTelevision, produttrice di Lupin III, e ai cinquanta di Yomiuri TV, produttrice di Detective Conan. Il 7 marzo 2009 è uscito il trailer ufficiale dello special.


14 – 15 – 16 – July 17, 2016
At the conference room, Apartment Rome
way of Variety Lights (adjacent square Federico Fellini)
Marina Centro

Moderator: Loris Cantarelli (director edit. Fumo di China)

Thursday, July 14

ore 17.15

Anthony: A Holy illustratocon: Father Fabio Scarsato, director of St. Anthony Messenger hours 17.45Neri like inchiostroPresentazione series The Hyena and altrodella publisher Inkiostro (The Cannibal Family), Torture Garden, Paranoid Boyd. with Rossano Pigeons (editor and author) Barbara Baraldi, Andrea Cavaletto, Luca Blengino (screenwriters of the various series) Simone Delladio, Enrico Carnevale, Claudio Montalbano (designers of the various series) gadgets: in homage to present at the meeting, a litho of variant version of the register to Riminicomix Steps and Secrets

ore 18.15

L'appearances misled
Satire authors interpret Matthew Renzicon Roberto Grassilli (designer)

ore 18.45

Spaceship Sagittarius
Preview Italy directly from the cartoon Japan by Andrea Romoli and produced by Nippon Animation
Andrea Romoli (cartoonist, writer, writer)

Friday, July 15

ore 17.15
Leo Ortolani – He meets his FansIn preview presentation of the new editorial course of the Rat-Man Color: "Rape." Gadgets: in homage to those present at the meeting, a litho Leo Ortolani.

ore 17.45
Martin Mystere and Uncle Boris: the unlikely team-up?
the new special album presentation.
Projection of the video performance of Uncle Boris and Henry Beruschi.
with: Alfredo Castelli (writer and screenwriter), Lucio Filippucci (designer), Enrico Beruschi (actor)

ore 18.15
Andrea Pazienza, my name is pentothal
with: Luigi di Fonzo (author) Mario Ianieri (press office, Publisher)
book presentation / essay on Andrea Pazienza

ore 18.45

Put a Vampire dinner. Dampyr today and tomorrow
With: George Giusfredi (writer), Fabio Celoni (designer), Mauro Laurenti (designer), Daniele Statella (designer), Mark “Will” Villa (designer)

Saturday, July 16

ore 17.15
The Diabolik Club is twenty years old
First celebration of the Club
with: Lorenzo Altariva (Diabolik Club president), Roberto Altariva (writer), Richard Nunziati (designer), Daniele Statella (designer)
Gadgets: in homage to those present at the meeting, a litho Riccardo Nunziati by the Diabolik Club.
At the Rome exhibition building exhibition dedicated to 20 years of Diabolik Club

ore 17.45

The Cannibal Family – Steps and Secrets – The Templars in Rimini
Iin preview the new special album for Riminicomix 2016.
with Rossano Pigeons (designer) and Stefano Fantelli (writer and screenwriter) gadgets: in homage to present at the meeting, a litho of Rossano Pigeons, and the special register The Cannibal Family – Secret passages and white edition and neroore 18.15Incontri Panini – Marvel "My Super Heroes" with: Lorenzo Pastrovicchio (designer), Emanuela Lupacchino (designer IDW, Marvel and DC)

ore 18.45

The experience of working together in the story of protagonisticon: Lele Vianello (designer) and Stefano Babini (designer) gadgets: in homage to present at two litho, a Stefano Babini and Lele Vianello

Sunday, July 17

ore 17.15
We are Dynit

Our history
Dynit is a leading Italian company of anime and merchandising location (target kids). Carlo Cavazzoni (Executive Director).
Gadgets: in homage to present at the Shitajiki Attack of the Giants

ore 17.45
Osvaldo Cavandoli. Line and more ...
with Nedo Zanotti (director), Marie Teresa Caburossi (expert on animation), Sergio Cavandoli (Studio Cine Cavandoli), Federico Fiecconi (critical)

ore 18.15

Panini meetings – Disney

W.I.T.C.H. memory e oltre.

Giada Perissinotto (designer)
Heroes and Super Heroes from Marvel to Disney worlds and the like.
Lorenzo Pastrovicchio (designer)

ore 18.45

Blasteroid Bros
Science fiction becomes reality
Gianluca Pagliarini (designer), Gianni Barbieri (writer).

Visitors to the stand Sergio Bonelli Editore
Giancarlo Olivares (designer Dragonero)
Fabrizio De Tommaso (designer Morgan Lost)


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