Cartoon Club Award

Dedicated to the animated film produced by professional filmmakers and Italian and foreign production companies.
VIII edition – 2018

The award selects those works whose beauty and artistic sensibility can not but leave an impression on people, which therefore deserves to be exposed and be crowned winners of a contest. There are now countless examples where the award of a prize has made the fortune of a film, guaranteeing work to enjoy a wider distribution and consequently a greater recognition by the public and not least the chance to show the talents of an author and more easily obtain easier access to subsequent productions.
It was therefore decided to put in competition is the movies that are born from the genius of individual creators and those that come to light by the creative team of production companies. The only discriminant is that they are able to impress to the technical quality, the script and not least for the originality of the final product.
Festival to a prestigious international jury delivered the winning short film sympathetic trophy Cartoon Club. The hope is that this award will bring good luck to those who will receive it over the years and can become a prestigious and important step for all those who engage the wonderful art of animation.



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