Directed by Mark Burton and Richard Starzack
Great Britain/France, 2015
Duration: 85 minutes
Produced by: Koch Media

shaun_eng_250pxBored by the daily routine at the farm, Shaun and his friends decide to take a day off causing the farmer to fall asleep (a joke for sheeps!). But an unplanned accident makes the man lose his memory and he wanders thus in the big town without remembering anything of his life.
The funny flock will have a hard time trying to the restore the farmer’s memory, bring him back home and avoid all the dangers of the metropolis, not least a fierce animal control officer…
First “long” story for Shaun and his friends at the farm, characters born as a spin-off from the series “Wallace & Gromit”, successful enough to have a television series all of their own.

Mark Burton was raised in Whitchurch on Thames in Oxfordshire and attended the University of York. As a screenplayer he has cooperated to the films “Madagascar”, “Chicken run”, “Wallace and Gromit: the curse of the were-rabbit” and “Gnomeo and Juliet”. The full-length film on Shaun is his debut as a director. He lives in Caversham in Berkshire.

Born in 1959 in Suffolk, he has written an episode of the TV series “Canimals” and “Shaun the sheep: the movie” marks his debut as director of a full-length film after a first experience as Director of an episode of the TV serial “Troldspejlet”


(How to train your dragon 2)
Directed by Dean DeBlois
USA, 2014
Duration: 105 minutes
Produced by: Dreamworks

Dragon_Trainer_2_250pxFive years after the first story, Vikings and dragons co-exist in peaceful harmony in the village of Berk, to the delight of young Hiccup and Toothless his winged friend. But there’s a new threat to deal with, the fearsome Dragon Bludvist, a “Monsters” dragon hunter who does not want to accept alliances between men and “monsters”. Hiccup, his friends and the tribe of Berk are forced to take up arms in hand to defend his friends “fire-breathing”, with the apparition of a mysterious new character who seems to know about dragons very …

Dean DeBlois
Born in Canada DeBlois became famous for directing the Disney hit “Lilo & Stitch”, after getting collaborated as animator with Don Bluth Studio. Among his films you remember also the first “Dragon” (paired with Chris Sanders) besides having written or collaborated on film screenplays like “Mulan” and “Mulan II” and the animated series dedicated to Lilo and Stitch . He is currently working on the third episode of “Dragon” expected for 2018.


Directed by Tim Johnson
USA, 2015
Duration: 94 minutes
Produced by: Dreamworks

home_ver250Based on the children’s book by Adam Rex “The True Meaning of Smekday”, “Home” tells the adventures of Tip, a resourceful teen-ager living with her cat Pig who seems to be the last human being on Earth after that all Terrestrials, including Tip’s Mom have been moved to an unknown location by aliens looking for a new home. The encounter and friendship with the funny extraterrestrial Oh, belonging to the tribe of Boovs, will help the girl discover the truth on the strange beings from Outer Space…

Made his debut in 1995 with a short about the “Simpsons” and has co-directed full length animated feature films by Dreamworks like “AntZ”, “Sinbad: Legend of the Seven Seas” and “Over the Hedge”. He’s moreover one of the executive producers of “Dragon Trainer”.


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