question: What's better for a nice holiday in Rimini in the month of July a
umbrella on the beach, a nice bathroom and a supply of sunscreen?
Answer: All this PLUS "Fumetti on the beach"The classic event of
Cartoon Club right on the beach!
This year, during the weekend Riminicomix, Cartoon Club gives the chance
to combine the classic bath and a tan with a full immersion in the world of
comics, bringing the sea a whole team of design professionals and
not, ready to satisfy the curiosity and the demands of the present drawing live,
dealing with fans and, why not, devoting some nice table
Original to the most tenacious participants. Thanks to the collaboration with Sergio Bonelli
Publisher, Star Comics, the Newspaper, Gbaby, Super G and Fumo di China, thousand of
comics are distributed for free on the shoreline. All this in an atmosphere
warm and friendly as only the Rimini beach Cartoon Club They can offer.


bath 26
Friday 21, Saturday 22 and Sunday 23
Designs Live, autographs and books in homage, with:
Casty (Disney)
Alberto Locatelli (Josif, Don Camillo)
Daniele Statella (Dampyr)
Marcello (Dante)
Barbara Bonfanti (Zannablù ')
Mengozzi&Marcora (Kill the Played)
Giuliano Piccininno (Zagor)
Valter Venturi (Zagor)
Marianna Balducci
Laura Scarpa
Claudio Bernardini
Luca Bertele’ (Bonelli Kids)
News: Lab Bonelli Kids Children! With:
Tino Adamo and Sergio Masperi

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