Thursday, July 19, 2018

ore 17.30

"Novels for non-comic book guys? Bonelli! "

Andrea Artusi, Mirco Zilio

moderates Loris Cantarelli


ore 18.30

"Music, maestro! Comics and music, music in comics "

Roberto Grassilli, Massimo Modula (playing live)

moderates Loris Cantarelli

ore 19.30
Giacinto Facchetti. The noise does not goal (Yellow Beak), the story of a captain "
Barzi with David, David Castelluccio, Sergio Santarini

moderates Loris Cantarelli


Friday July 20, 2018

ore 17.15

sixtyeight e dintorni” (Cut-Up Publishing)
Barzi with David (writer), Oskar (designer)

- Lithography in 99 numbered copies in homage to the participants to availability

moderates Egisto Quinti Seriacopi


ore 18.00

"Women and Violence. Paper Emotions "

Anna Lazzarini, Rosa Puglisi

moderates Loris Cantarelli


ore 18.45

Zagor: What the Spirit with the Hatchet? "(Sergio Bonelli Editore)

with Moreno Puppets, Mauro Laurenti, Oskar, Valter Venturi, Gianni Sedioli

Marco Grasso moderates


Saturday July 21, 2018

ore 17.15

"Editions Inkiostro, the 2018/2019 programs"

Pigeons with Rossano (Inkiostro), Stefano Fantelli (Inkiostro), Aegisthus Fifth Seriacopi

(Unpublished presentation register The Cannibal Family of Inkiostro Editions)

- Lithography in 99 numbered copies in homage to the participants to availability

moderates Loris Cantarelli


ore 18.00

Martin Mystery (Bonelli), the aristocrats (Editorial Cosmo) and other fantastic creatures "

Alfredo Castelli, Lucio Filippucci, David Barzi

moderates Loris Cantarelli


ore 18.45

Prize "Franco Fossati" for essays about comics

"Faith in Strips Award – Roberto Ramberti "for religious comic

It presents Paolo Guiducci with Fossati Foundation and Foundation Ramberti


ore 19.00
"Never say Sio"
Meeting with Sio, author of the poster Cartoon Club 2018

moderates Loris Cantarelli


Sunday July 22, 2017

ore 17.15

"Disney, between cartoon and comic" (Comics)

with Casty, Luca Giorgi, Luca BoschiClaudio Sciarrone, Massimo Bonfatti

moderates Loris Cantarelli


ore 18.00

"Guareschi yesterday, today and tomorrow: Don Camillo, A myth without borders "(Renoir Comics)

with David Barzi, Alberto Locatelli, Thomas Arzeno

moderates Loris Cantarelli


ore 18.45

"The Retrofuturo between nostalgia, sequels, remakes and reboots"
Which science fiction today?

Gianni Barbers, Gianluca Pagliarini & Alan D'Amico (The Shadow Planet), Denis Medri

moderates Loris Cantarelli

ore 18.45

"Generations of Comic Artists"

with Aldo Di GennaroAngelo Stano, Laura Scarpa

moderates Egisto Quinti Seriacopi





Area pro Scouting Riminicomix

Cartoon Club offers equipped spaces at the organization Theater Novelli Reduced (Via Alfredo Cappellini 3, Rimini, A few meters from Piazzale Fellini, with air conditioning) aimed at editors looking for new projects and aspiring authors comics.

registration Service to Scouting 2018 it is free. Here you can download the application form.

The meeting sessions will take place Saturday, July 21, from 15 hours to 17 hours.

The authors applicants must complete and submit the scheda accession until Saturday, July 14 2018 ed digital portfolio extracts.

Applicants will be able to deliver portfolio of extracts on paper by 11 of 21 luglior; Scouting the Area Secretariat (responsible Simone Santini, , Mobile. 339.4747612) will collect all requests and the relative received paper materials.

The editor will view the portfolio and meet the candidates selected.

The editors present at Scouting 2018:


  • Stefano Barbieri and Barbara Bonfanti, Dentiblù
  • Loris Cantarelli, smoke China
  • Emanuele Di Giorgi, Tunué editions
  • Nicola Pesce, Nicola Pesce publisher
  • Stefano Fantelli, Editions Inkiostro
  • Egisto Quinti Seriacopi, Dada publisher
  • Fabiano Ambu (It Comics)

It is recommended that the aspirants punctuality to allow the correct and most profitable performance of the sessions, as well as the careful reading of the types of materials required from any editor and then send proposals in line with the requirements.


Dentiblù (Stefano Barbieri and Barbara Bonfanti)
To apply for a Dentiblù publication: draft history comic humorous (No other genera, no collection of cartoons / strips), preferably with some complete boards and a synopsis.

For opinions and suggestions from workers in the sector: portfolio illustration, preferably humorous styles / Disney / cartoon.


Fumo di China (Loris Cantarelli)
FdC Looking designers from humorous suddenly able to achieve (on own texts or other, in color or black and white) spirits strips the stretch and in the spirit, preferably set in the world of comics or fairs and exhibitions Italian market.


roasted (Emanuele Di Giorgi)
Let alone projects, we do bookreview.

It takes at least 5 consecutive final and tables (complete with dialogue); synopsis or subject; Technical specifications of the job.

Projects for children (Tipitondi), adults (Prospero's Books), picture book (Mirari).


NAME (Nicola Pesce)
The NPE is looking for designers and disegnatrici who have a particular style. We are looking for writers and screenwriters fans of classic literature or gender. As a kind mainly horror, or music.

We are also looking to complete projects that fit within the style of the publisher. The best way to understand what our style is to tour on our site
We do not like to be overly restrictive with our definitions: often the most beautiful projects are the ones that we do not expect.

Inkiostro Editions (Stefano Fantelli)

Editions Inkiostro seeking designers from the realistic features both in their classical form is the most modern in the pure spirit “bonelliano”. I book visionati devono essere in bianco e nero. No colore no illustrazioni.


Dada Publisher (Egisto Fifth Seriacopi)
Dada seeks designers from realistic tract closest to the traditional Italian productions or more open to experimentation. We are available to view artbook and portfolios in color or black and white.


It Comics (Fabiano Ambu)

It seeks mainly Comics complete projects that are far from the demands of the mainstream, which typically have no place in the publishing market. Visioniamo authors presenting bold and original ideas and designers who have a strong authorship, with a personal style and incisive. Projects to view must be of professional quality, there are no limits to creativity and style. We do not recommend to present elaborated that do not have a good artistic maturity or are presented roughly.


Fumetti on the beach

Question: What's better for a nice holiday in Rimini in the month of July a
umbrella on the beach, a nice bathroom and a supply of sunscreen?
Answer: All of this MOST "Comics on the beach", the classic appointment
Cartoon Club right on the beach!
This year, during the weekend Riminicomix, Cartoon Club offers the possibility
to combine the classic bath and a tan with a full immersion in the world of
comics, bringing the sea a whole team of design professionals and
not, ready to satisfy the curiosity and the demands of the present drawing live,
dealing with fans and, why not, devoting some nice table
Original to the most tenacious participants. All this in a warm and friendly
as only the Rimini Cartoon Club and the beach can offer.



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