What Cartoon Club?
And 'a film festival of animation and comics, which takes place every year in July, with various events scattered throughout the city of Rimini. Such as exhibitions, concerts, screenings of cartoons, theater performances.

What Riminicomix?
It 'a fair-market of comics, and is one of the events that make up Cartoon Club. It takes place usually in the third weekend of July, in Rimini.

What is Cosplay Convention?
It 'a gathering of cosplayers, with parades and exhibitions, which takes place during Riminicomix. Organizes the group of BHC - Best Horror Cosplay.

How much is the entrance to the Cartoon Club events?
It does not cost. They are all events free admission.

I am a director of animated films and would like to attend to your Awards. How much is the registration fee?
There is no fee, enrollment in our Awards is completely free.

I propose to work as a volunteer?
Certainly, it is knowing that the work is hard and need to get busy especially in the evening hours. In order to work, it is imperative to give ample availability in the evening. FOR INFORMATION CONTACT Valentina Grazia to mail: valentina.grazia@cartoonclub.it .


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