meeting schedule

Thursday 17.15

And we who are cannibals
The Hyena and Paranoid Boyd premiered with Inkiostro editions

With: Piccioni Rossano (writer and illustrator), Stefano Fantelli (writer), Luca Blengino (writer), Andrea Cavaletto (writer).
To all those present at the meeting, in homage the new special register “The Cannibal Family, Riminicomix 2015”, And the new lithography “Petronio” (99 numbered copies) until exhaustion

Thursday 18:00

Doctor Who Italian Club

being finalized

Thursday 19.00

Poliarmoidi, o Photonovel.
Presentation of the work in progress with Daniele Gai (creator and implementer of the project), Paolo Guiducci (journalist)

17.15 Friday

It was time Josif
Meeting with David Barzi (writer), Fabiano Ambu (designer). Rw volume presentation

Friday at 18:00
Pratt Day 2.0

The actuality of Malamocco Master
Meeting with Paolo Cossi (Author), Lele Vianello (designer), Stefano Babini (designer), Guido Fuga (designer), Stelio Fenzo (author)

19.15 Friday
The first 50 years of Alfredo Castelli

Dall'omino Bufo Martin Mystere

Meeting-show with: Alfredo Castelli (writer), Lucio Filippucci (designer), Giancarlo Alessandrini (designer), Laura Scarpa (Author)

17.15 Saturday
Orphans: the third season

Meeting with Roberto Recchioni (writer), Emiliano Mammucari (designer), Paul Bacilieri (author)


Saturday at 18:00

Harlan Draka, undead, vampires and tv
Meeting with George Giusfredi (writer), Maurizio Rosenzweig (designer), Fabio Celoni (author), Fabiano Ambu (designer)

Saturday 0re 19:15

Zagor Day

Over 600 adventures and the Spirit with the Hatchet
Meeting with: Gallienus Ferri (designer), Moreno Burattini (writer, curator of the series), Marco Verni (designer), Gianni Sedioli (designer)


17.15 Sunday
Don Camillo

A timeless success

Meeting with David Barzi (writer), Alberto Locatelli (designer), Alberto and Carlotta Guareschi (the Guareschi sons).
Special presentation of the register Riminicomix


18.30 Sunday

Close encounters with Dylan Dog

The renewal Nightmare Investigator
Meeting with: Roberto Recchioni (writer), Gigi Simeoni (Author), John Freghieri (designer), Giampiero Caserta, Daniel Billard (designer), Giancarlo Soldi (director)

19.15 Sunday

The beloved Peanuts Linus and the immortal

Preview cartoon character in Italy, u'oocasione to remember an anniversary
Meeting with Stefano Gorla (direttor of the magazine), Loris Cantarelli (Director smoke China), Federico Fiecconi (journalist) Roberto Grassilli (author for Linus, Heart etc ...)


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