The Prize selects those works whose beauty and artistic sensitiveness leave a trace in the audience and that consequently deserve to emerge and be awarded as winners of a contest. The examples of films that made their fortune after being assigned an award are numerous. The winning work is naturally granted the benefit of a wider distribution and consequently a higher recognition from the audience; nonetheless the opportunity to display the talents of an author and to obtain easier access for future productions.

It has been thus decided to list in the contest both films produced by the geniality of individual creators and others born from creative teams of production studios.

The only distinguishing factor demanded is that they should surprise in technical qualities, for their script and the originality of the final product. At the Festival, the five members of an international jury assigns to The best short film the cute Cartoon Club trophy. Our wish is that this award will bring good luck to those who will receive it and that over the years it will become an important gateway for all those who will try their hand at the amazing art of animation cinema.

The “Signor Rossi” Award is dedicated to animation films made by students of animation schools or courses for a specialization in animation cinema. The schools have the difficult task to help talent and creativity, supporting them with the necessary technical competences for the animation industry, and to prepare the students to a job that cannot be done without a good knowledge of all the animation techniques that exist currently. It is a path where students have to experience subjects such as traditional drawing and illustration with the help of experts and professionals. These institutes educate their students so they can become professionals themselves, with a complete knowledge about the creative and productive process of animation films, and about the skills they need to face the job market, with a particular importance for: 2D and 3D CGI, stop motion, character and production design, scenography, storytelling/storyboard, effects and after-effects compositing, and film direction.

At Cartoon Club, the five members of an international jury assigns a money prize – 1.200 Euros – to the director of the best film, and who also receives the Signor Rossi statuette. Another statuette is the prize for the school that sends the best overall production.

As always, many students have sent their works. In general, the films (often made as a degree final works) are made with various techniques and tell about many different themes, which is a proof of the schools quality.


The “Cartoon Kids” Award is conferred to animation films for an audience ranging from 3 to 11 years of age, among those that participate to the Cartoon Club Award and the Signor Rossi Award,. It is assigned by a jury (1000 kids) of primary schools children examining and judging films selected by the artistic director of the festival. Assisting in the work of this special jury you realize how the feelings and tastes of children differ from those of adults , and that small breeders they know what they like .These young film critics watch films displaying different techniques and differing much from what they are used to see on television: cheerful films, thoughtful, abstract, not nearly ordinary, destined to tickle the visual senses and stimulate the increasingly learned taste of our young audience. An original experience for those who enjoy the jury of the Cartoon Kids Award that will undoubtedly help the participants to better understand the richness and diversity that characterizes the world of animation. The winner is awarded the Cartoon Kids plate, directly from a representation of this numerous jury.



Cartoon Club has always granted its support to the didactic activities that schools or private workshops organize in the field of illustration and visual communication. In recent years, animated cinema has become the favourite mass-media used by teachers and experts to stimulate children’s creativity and to analyze important, social themes. Beyond technique, which is often very simple and economic (cut-outs, drawings on paper, etc), the results are always pretty interesting, and are filled with the typical immediacy and sincerity of the very young animators producing these special cartoons.

Since 2010, a jury composed by three experts in the field of teaching children, selects the films participating in the competition and assigns the “Cartoon Junior” plate to the most significant and original work.



The “Franco Fossati” Award was born in 1997. At that time, the internet was barely beginning its long and incredible journey, and the Award staff had to rely on traditional ways, sometimes a bit slow and tiring, in order to organize the whole thing. Nowadays, things are different. Emails, websites and social networks allow us all to find information in the fastest possible way, and to collect all the possible knowledge about our subject of interest. All the jury members regularly use emails, chats, Facebook messages, and this year have also “virtually gathered” through a multiple Skype conversation, thus being able to discuss all together the books in competition, exchanging comments and opinions. But there are also a couple of things that have NOT changed, in time: the passion and the professionalism that all the people involved in the Award have in common. Most of the essays have been written with attention and competence, many publishers have put a huge care in their products about comics, and all the jurors have always worked with the uttermost integrity and diligence. This year’s edition is no exception, and it is right and proper to thank all the people that have contributed to this Award in these first 19 years.



The Award has the patronage of FISC (the Italian Federation of Catholic Weekly Magazines)

The religious subject may be only hinted at, at times its presence is allowed, but more rarely explicitly acknowledged. Some comic stories have embarked on the enthralling journey into the realm of faith since time began. In Italy, we have a long, even if often unrecognized, tradition of important comic magazines strictly connected to the religious world and to the ecclesiastical structures and associations. Magazines and characters, authors and stories can speak to both the religious and the non-confessional worlds with equal strength, on big issues and within the standards of the language of comics. In all these years. This prize can help and provide more visibility to a vital subject, and can be a stimulus to both the catholic and to the non-confessional publishing trade, and a chance for many: authors and publishers, fans and neophytes, believers and sympathizers, and all those interested in both the spiritual research and the comics.

On this foundation, we established the award Faith in Strips – Christian Comics, the only one of this kind in Italy. This award will be given to the Italian production, published between July 2013 and July 2014, that has best conveyed religious values through the approach of comics. The jury is composed of critics and reviewers, journalists, professionals operating in the world of comics, authors…

This prize will aim at enhancing the exchange and the circulation of works often condemned to oblivion and rejection. The award is a step in the direction of a more open and free attitude towards the literature in drawings. A sincere “thanks” to the Ramberti family, who supports this Award, and especially to Alessandro, owner of Fara Editore.



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