Monday, July 13
9 pm – Palacartoon

“Chess ad Mirrors”

Junior High School with an educational path in music “I.C. ALIGHIERI”

In the sphere promoting didactics and following the happy 2014 experience with the successful show “Alice in Musicwonderland”, Cartoon Club Festival cooperates once again with the Junior High School with an educational path in music “I.C. ALIGHIERI”, producing the show called “Chess and Mirrors”: loosely based on Lewis Carroll’s “Through the looking glass, and what Alice found there”, created by the students from the theatrical workshop classes, by the Choir and the youth orchestra called “Medium frequency” composed by more than one hundred students and ex students of the classes with educational path in music of the school.
Besides this small talented army, the guys from the “Smile Workshop”, a body who has been working for many years to involve young disabled people in teaching and didactics and to develop and maintain their potentialities, have participated to the staging
The kids have drawn and colored a great part of the scenery that served to stress and divide the main scenes in the form of video-screenings.

A really well done project, able to take the audience into an enchanted world, where music, a colorful mixture of thoughts and feelings, become a source of knowledge and improvement and where exploring the theatre in the “music wonderland” leads us through the metaphor of the path of growth that every teen ager must face.
Life seen as a chessboard, where everything has its logic, but where it is possible to reinvent and change every character with imagination and creativity.

The most important thing to do is take one step at a time, observing and learning from the adults around and from the mistakes they make, without ever withdrawing, heading ahead to become men and women with the self-confidence and dignity of who bears a crown, the symbol of gained maturity.

On July 13th evening, the Festival presents a compendium of 45/50 minutes of the performance that in its full version has been presented with great success on Saturday the 16th of May at the Novelli Theatre in Rimini.



Tuesday, July 14
9 pm – 

Diesel Kidstore: a fashion show children very “animated”

For the second year Cartoon Club cooperates with the Diesel Kid Store and sets up an original kids fashion show on the big stage of the Festival. Diesel KidStore (via Duca d’Aosta 2/b Rimini, in front of Federico Fellini Park), is not the usual, conventional shop, it’s right in front of the Fellini stage where the Festival comes to life every year and it’s a two hundred square meters shop selling Diesel Kid and John Galliano brands with a cafeteria inside with branded items.
The idea is that of a miniature kids’ size mall, and it’s furthermore provided with a playground area called “Cineplayland” where regularly events, workshops, and eco-friendly tea breaks are arranged. Included in the space a mini-cinema, too with comfortable pillows for children and a schedule of the most recent films.
The mini-cinema belongs to the Giometti Group, leader in the field of cinematic entertainment (with theatres all over Italy; both the Befane in Rimini and the CinePalas in Riccione belong to them) who fondly believes in this project, with the aim of making such experience unique all over the Country and aiming at developing a repeatable model. An innovative destination.

This union between cinema, fashion and cartoons has inspired a peculiar kids fashion show that unites the seasonal outfits sold at the store to a cartoon set.
The young models selected for the event to run on the catwalk will be accompanied by friends who will face the audience clad like the most popular characters from comics and animation cinema. The soundtrack is planned to create a fairytale atmosphere, too.


Thursday, July 15
9 pm – Palacartoon


gruppo reg taglio(1)MYO (Mondaino Young Orchestra), composed by 25 young musicians, was born in Rimini’s Inland within the Music School in Mondaino and with its 80 students out of 1.400 inhabitants, it has been for several years an excellence in the field of non professional music, nationally and internationally. Directed by Maestro Michele Chiaretti, Mondaino Young Orchestra has been recognized as the youngest Jazz Band in Europe, winner for two consecutive years of the World Festival for Music Schools, beating on the famous stage of the Ariston Theatre in Sanremo, bands (playing all styles) coming from 19 different Countries and winning both in its own category school chart and in the chart for different kinds of school and classes, while in April 2013, it has won the “5th International Competition City of Treviso” for young Jazz musicians.MYO_ph_01
In July, parallel to Cartoon Club, the MYO will perform at the Primiero Dolomiti Brass Festival in Trentino and at Umbria Jazz 2015, the most famous event for jazz music in Italy.
In 2015 MYO’s first CD has been released, called “KeepSwingin’!”, self-produced and recorded at the Farmhouse studio in Rimini by Andrea Felli.
Live at Cartoon Club, MYO will present a program of the most famous animation film themes that will be illustrated real-time by the riminese artist Massimo Modula, through a visual art performance that will be screened behind the orchestra on a video wall.



Wednesday, July 16
9 pm – Palacartoon

Dance Academy Anca Ardelean

The young students of the Academy will dance on stage while a short animation film and a cartoon will be screened.
In turn, following the themes, dancers will perform their choreographies recalling typical scenes of cartoons or of the most famous Broadway musicals, presenting tap-dance shows and other entertaining and sparkling numbers.

The School
The founder, Anca Ardelean graduated in academic ballet (Vaganova method) at Bucarest’s National Ballet Academy and is a talented choreographer who created for her Dance School an advanced technique: innovative, unprecedented and free. The School, modularly arranged, offers disciplines for every range of age: ballet, modern dance, tap-dance, hip-hop, musical, tango, jazz… taught by highly qualified teachers, boasting professional CVs in education and job experiences. This allows every student to choose how to arrange his personalized “package”, with the most proper classes, considering the personal skills, talents and favorite subjects.
The Anca Ardelean Dance Academy is a school founded on enthusiasm, sacrifice, knowledge and love and it has been awarded many times with prizes and recognitions in Italy and Europe.


11,45 pm – Palacartoon


Marcelo – Voice and guitar
Senor Missi – Accordion, violin, voice
Felix – Bass, vocals
Capitan Jimmy – Drums, percussion



Friday, July 17
10 pm – Palacartoon

VignetteSulRing_PasspartoutCARTOONS ON THE RING is a unique and extraordinary event for caricaturists and satirical illustrators from all over Italy. The competition, from an idea by Gianfranco Tartaglia known as Passepartout (cartoonist for newspapers as Il Messaggero, Repubblica, etc.) and in cooperation with Mirko Fabbreschi (TV author and musician of the cartoon-band Raggi Fotonici), brilliantly conjugates the allure of a contest with laughter, smiles, the skills of the contenders and the audience participation. It’s displayed on a ring, following the rituals of a boxing match. On the two corners of the stage the illustrators challenge “armed” of two overhead projector. In the middle the judge-referee announces the “theme” of the challenge and let the hostilities begin.
The Illustrators have three minutes of time to complete their cartoon, while the audience follows live, on the overhead projector all the phases of the “creation”. In the end, the vote of a jury of experts and the round of applause will declare the winner. An enthusiastic experience: just try and enjoy yourselves.

11,45 pm – Palacartoon


Three words to simply describe a contest in which fans dance, accurately recreating the same choreographies of the Idol soloist/groups invading the South Korean music scene.
A challenge, but most of all a moment (that of stepping on the stage) that rewards the effort and the desire of meeting for hours just to rehearse the steps, a chance first of all to spend time together and meet new friends. A successful and entertaining format, taking life in South Korea with the name “Dance Battle” finally reaching our stages after a long globetrotting (with different names), thanks to an idea of Kaido Italy. The music as an emotional means capable of connecting talents and warming the hearts with the excuse of a contest. Determination, passion and a great will to have fun. A competition as a revelation and a close encounter to this world (KPop) already boasting a surprising amount of followers, resolute to spread the beauty and power of this appealing musical genre. Come and see for yourself!
Are you asking yourself what is KPop? Well, the answer is in the word itself: K stands for Korean and Pop of course for Pop… together Korean Pop. A music phenomenon coming to life in the mid 90s in South Korea, represented by soloists and groups whose ace up their sleeve springs from their looks, choreographies and talent, soon becoming the flagship of the Korean media market. These artists become such a fundamental benchmark for the audience, to be called idols. A path full of hurdles and endurance: before deserving such title, the performers must overcome various phases, for example become trainee in a record company, which implies working hard, a fundamental experience to stand out successfully in this field. KPop’s world is definitely founded on music but its most important feature is the focus on the appearance and on the fascinating choreographies that appeal and “illustrate” a catchy sound. A fatal mix that every fan can see/feel and appreciate. A music genre that earned a positive success in its Country but an incredible outcome in the rest of the world, too. Italy included.



Saturday, July 18
9,30 pm – Palacartoon

70/80/90/00 Cartoon concert with I Raggi Fotonici, guest star Cristina D’Avena

A career begun in 1968 when she was just three years and a half at the Zecchino d’Oro, where Cristina D’Avena sang “Il valzer del moscerino” (The Midge’s Waltz) and joining soon after the Little Antoniano Choir following then her first contract with Five Record then RTI Music, as the singer of the cartoon theme Pinocchio, record label whom she’s still engaged to. Cristina D’Avena has published an amount of 309 records and more than 715 songs recorded since her debut at the Zecchino d’Oro and has appeared in 118 compilations, selling over 7 millions copies. Among her greatest successes, “la Canzone dei Puffi” (the Smurf’s Song) dated 1982 (who earned her her first Golden Record for more than 500.000 copies sold) and Kiss me Licia dated 1985 (Platinum Record for over 200.000 copies sold of its album).
But Cristina D’Avena is not only music. In 1986 she begun her career as an actress playing the role of Licia in the kids TV series “Love me Licia” based on the characters from the japanese cartoon “Kiss me Licia”. In 1988 Italia 1 television decides to stage precisely Cristina and her daily routine, constantly busy between her college studies at the Faculty of Medicine and her job as a singer. Until 1991 various shows with her as a protagonist are broadcasted: Arriva Cristina (Here comes Cristina), Cristina, Cri Cri and finally Cristina, l’Europa siamo noi (Cristina, we are Europe).CRISTINA D'AVENA_web
Following in the year later she works for Canale 5 television, Sabato al circo (Saturday at the Circus), winning the Oscar for television shows, the Telegatto, then for Italia 1 Television: Cantiamo con Cristina (Let’s sing with Cristina) a children’s version of the Karaoke. She has taken part to the sixth edition of the show Buona Domenica, partnering Gerry Scotti and Gabriella Carlucci, and while hosting Radio Cristina, she was a special correspondant all over Italy for the fifth edition of “La sai l’ultima?”, aired on Canale 5 and hosted by Gerry Scotti together with Paola Barale; she has presented for two consecutive years, alternating with Pietro Ubaldi, the cartoon and telephone game show “Game boat”; she then returned to the Zecchino d’Oro as a co-host of Cino Tortorella and Milly Carlucci and has presented with Andrea Pezzi Rai 2 television Friday Evening Show “Serenate”, created by Fabio Fazio.
Recently, she was in the cast of the second edition of Italia 1 evening show Matricole & Meteore, hosted by Nicola Savino and Juliana Moreira, then on Super!: for a whole Summer she was the anchor woman of the Karaoke Super Show!, the first production of the kids television channel edited by De Agostini.
In 2014 Cristina D’Avena, undisputed queen of television theme songs, just two years after the official opening of her own Store, makes her debut in fashion launching a shoe brand, “My HeartShoes”.
From 2007 parallel to her soloist live career, she presents a show together with the snarky Gem Boys.
At present, Cristina D’Avena remains the italian cartoons icon for various generations, the voice of all themes, may one talk about cartoons of the 80s, 90s or 2000!


midnight – Palacartoon

DJ set – STAB



Sanday, July 19
9,40 pm – Palacartoon

CARTA CANTA (SINGING SHEETS) CONCERT, When comics become songs.

cover_2 ul_webPop music has often drawn inspiration from comics.
A profitable and fruitful union. Songwriters and rockers have often dedicated unforgotten hits to comics hero, from “Hanno ucciso l’UomoRagno” (“Spiderman has been killed”) by 883 to “Come Will Coyote” (“Like Will Coyote”) by Eugenio Finardi, from “Speedy Gonzales” by Peppino Di Capri to “Topolino” (“Mickey Mouse”) by PFM… as well as Popeye, Zorro, Linus, Corto Maltese, Donald Duck, Fortunello, Betty Boop, Diabolik, Flash, Superman, Tex, Zagor.
Then why not think about the lucky pair “music-comics” for a musical and editorial project? It’s what the RaggiFotonici, popular authors and singers of original television series themes (Hello Kitty, Scooby Doo, Ape Maia, Digimon) for RAI television and satellite channels have thought.
Pop music is thus paying its cultural debt to comics thanks to “Singing Sheet” (Carta Canta) transforming the peculiar union between songs and paper, between music and comics-balloon in a live show as well as a CD, a comics album and a book!
Carta Canta is both the title of a CD, collecting the songs performed during the live-show and of a book “Carta Canta – when comics become songs”, an essay written by MircoFabbreschi (television author, academic professor, musician and front manof the cartoon band RaggiFotonici), also featuring an unpublished comics scripted by Manuel Pace and illustrated by one of the leading figures at Star Comics, Vanessa Cardinali. With original illustrations by Silver, Pino Rinaldi, Lele Vianello, Mauro Talarico, Mazzotta, Passepartout, Sandro Dossi, Paolo Eleuteri Serpieri, Federica Salfo, Giuseppe Palumbo and other great figures of the italian and international comics panorama.



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